Betsy Kettle(non-registered)
I love all your photos-- was looking at others photographic work and just see yours as far more refined, delicate and imbibed with inner light. A huge advancement over any other photographers work that I have seen.
Your work is really divine
Hi Julie
The galleries are wonderful. Your talent is truly amazing. Thank you so much for continually sharing.
Wishing you continued health and adventures.
Jo-anne MacDonald(non-registered)
Hi Julie,
What a wonderful glimpse you've given me of our country
- some aspects of Nature that have become everyday 4 me -I see with fresh insight thro' your photography ! Wow .
Wonderful to be able to have the enjoyment yourself of 'capturing' those images & then share them with us
-what a lot of enjoyment 4 all of us !
-Thanks u so much
Candace Badgett(non-registered)
Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! Can't pull myself away from looking at them all. I wish you would archive all your photos. They are so consistently exquisite! They all have a wonderful depth that comes from your skillful use of light and dark. You are so talented!!
Quite a sublime collection, as we have come to expect, but even more so. Just about as good as a walk in the woods on a cool Catskill morning. :~)
Love your photographs....there is something...magical about them.
Tina McQuiston(non-registered)
Hi Julia
Your photos are magical
Elisa Maria Argiro`(non-registered)
Julia, Your work is world-class, in the venerable tradition of Elloit Porter, who introduced us to the possibilities for truly poetic and subtle images of nature - when fine art photography was just beginning to explore the possibilities of color.
I wish you books, exhibitions, abundant in life - knowing that you already have "captured the fort" as it were, on the level of your very refined consciousness.
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